Abdur-Rahmaan bin Mahdee (d. 198H): The Jahmiyyah Desire To Negate That Allaah is Above The Throne
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More than one (person) has narrated, with a saheeh isnaad from Abdur-Rahmaan - about whom Alee bin al-Madeenee says, "Haafidh of the Ummah, if I was to take oath between the corner (of the ka'bah) and the station (of Ibraaheem), I would have taken oath that I have not seen (anyone) more knowledgeable than Ibn Mahdee" - [that he, Ibn Mahdee] said:

The companions of Jahm are desiring to say: "Allaah did not speak to Moses" and they are desiring to say, "There is nothing above the heaven", and that "Allaah is not above His Throne". I consider that their repentance be sought, so either they repent or they are to be killed (their necks are to be struck).

Source: "Mukhtasar al-Uluww" of adh-Dhahabee, (p 169)

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