Ibn Abbaas (d. 68H): To Aa'ishah: 'Allaah Sent Down the Declaration Of Your Innocence From Above the Seven Heavens'
Thursday, October 15 2009 - by AboveTheThrone.Com
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The hadeeth of Aa'ishah that Ibn Abbaas came to her whilst she was dying, so he said to her:

You were the most beloved of the women of the Messenger of Allah and he would not love except that which was tayyib (good) and Allah sent down the declaration of your innocence from above the seven heavens.

Uthmaan ad-Daarimee brought this in "ar-Radd 'alaa Bishr bin Ghiyyaath al-Mareesee" p. 105. Ansaar us-Sunnah print in Egypt, and it was reported in "ar-Radd 'Alaa al-Jahmiyyah" also p. 27-28 al-Maktabah ul-Islaamiyyah print, and its isnaad is saheeh upon the conditions of Muslim.

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