Sulaymaan at-Taymee (d. 143H): If I was asked 'Where is Allah?' I Would Say Above The Heaven
Wednesday, October 28 2009 - by AboveTheThrone.Com
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On the authority of Sadaqah, [who] said:

I heard Sulaymaan at-Taymee saying: "If I was asked where is Allah?" I would say above the Heaven".

Sulaymaan is from the leading Imaams of [the People of] al-Basrah in knowledge and action.

Source: "Mukhtasar al-Uluww" of adh-Dhahabi, (p. 133).

Note: Al-Laalikaa'ee reported this also (2/92). Sadaqah, he is Ibn al-Muntasir, Abu Shu'bah ash-Sha'baanee, Abu Zur'ah said: "The is no harm in him" all of its men (i.e. the narrators) are trustworthy, and al-Bukhaaree narrated it in "mu'allaq" form in "Af'aal ul-'Ibaad" (p. 71).

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