Jareer ad-Dabbee (d. 188H): The Saying of the Jahmites Begins as Honey and Ends as Poison - They Are Attempting To Say 'There is No Deity Above the Heaven'
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Jareer ad-Dabbee, the Muhaddith of ar-Rayy (d. 188H)

Yahyaa bin al-Mugheerah said: I heard Jareer bin Abdul-Hameed saying:

The speech of the Jahmiyyah, its beginning is honey and its end is poison. They are attempting to say, "There is no deity above the heaven."

The likes of this has preceded from Hammaad bin Zayd.

Source: "Mukhtasar al-Uluww" of adh-Dhahabee (p. 151)

Comment: May Allaah have mercy upon this noble scholar for these words could not be more true for anyone who understands the the hidden motives and secrets behind much of the speech of the Jahmites.

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