Imaam Ahmad bin Hanbal (d. 241H): Allaah Is Above the Seventh Heaven, Over His Throne, Separate and Distinct (Baa'in) From His Creation
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So Yoosuf bin Moosaa al-Qattaan, the Shaykh of Abu Bakr al-Khallaal, said: It was said to Abu Abdullah (Ahmad bin Hanbal): "Allaah is above the seventh heaven, over His Throne, separate and distinct (baa'in) from His creation, and His power and knowledge are in every place?" He said:

Yes, He is over His Throne, and nothing escapes His knowledge.

Note: This al-Qattaan is thiqah (trustworthy) from the Shaykhs of al-Bukhaaree. He died in 253H, al-Khallaal heard from him, and the isnaad is saheeh.

Source: Adh-Dhahabi's "Mukhtasar al-Uluww" (p. 189)

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