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Chronology of the Sayings of the Salaf in Refutation of the Jahmite, Mu'tazilite and Later Ash'arites

This page will be automatically updated as new statements are added. You can use this page as the ultimate reference point on this subject inshaa'Allaah.

32H   Ka'b al-Ahbaar : In The Torah: 'I am Allaah, Above My Servants and My Throne is Above All My Creation'
62H   Masrooq : When Narrating From Aa'ishah, 'The One Who Was Declared Innocent From Above the Seven Heavens'
68H   Ibn Abbaas : To Aa'ishah: 'Allaah Sent Down the Declaration Of Your Innocence From Above the Seven Heavens'
68H   Ibn Abbaas : Allaah Was Above His Throne Before Creating Anything
105H   Ad-Dahhaak : Allaah Is Above The Throne and His Knowledge is With His Servants Wherever They Are
131H   Ayyub as-Sakhtiyaanee : The Central Axis of the Mu'tazilah Is That They Want to Say 'There is Nothing Above the Heaven'
143H   Sulaymaan at-Taymee : If I was asked 'Where is Allah?' I Would Say Above The Heaven
150H   Muqaatil bin Hayyaan : The Meaning of 'al-Baatin' is 'the Closest to Everything With His Knowledge' Whilst He is Above His Throne
150H   Ibn Jurayj Shaykh of al-Haram : Allaah's Throne Was Above the Water Before He Created the Creation
150H   Muqaatil bin Hayyaan : Allaah is Above His Throne
157H   Abdur-Rahmaan al-Awzaa'ee : We Used to Say Whilst the Taabi'oon Were Many: 'Allaah the Mighty and Majestic Is Above His Throne'
179H   Hammaad bin Zayd : The Jahmites Are Circulating Around the Issue of Wanting to Say There is Nothing Above the Heaven
179H   Imaam Maalik bin Anas : Allaah is Above the Heaven and His Knowledge is in Every Place
185H   Abbaad bin al-Awaam : The Final Speech of Bishr al-Mareesee and Company Ends With Them Saying 'There is Nothing Above the Heaven'
188H   Jareer ad-Dabbee : The Saying of the Jahmites Begins as Honey and Ends as Poison - They Are Attempting To Say 'There is No Deity Above the Heaven'
198H   Abdur-Rahmaan bin Mahdee : The Jahmiyyah Desire To Negate That Allaah is Above The Throne
200H   Abdullaah bin Abee Ja'far ar-Raazee : Kept Beating His Relative Affected With the View of Jahm Until He Said 'Allaah Ascended Over The Throne, Separate And Distinct From His Creation'
206H   Wahb bin Jareer : The Jahmiyyah Are Trying to Say There Is Nothing Above the Heaven
206H   Sa'eed bin Aamir ad-Dab'ee : The Jews and Christians Are United With the Muslims that Allaah is Above the Throne But the Jahmites Say He Is Not Above Anything
206H   Yazeed bin Haaroon : Whoever Interpreted Istiwaa Upon Other Than What Is Established in the Hearts of the Common Folk is a Jahmee
212H   Muhammad bin Yusuf al-Firyaabee, Shaykh of al-Bukhaaree, : Whoever Says Allaah Is Not Above His Throne is a Kaafir
215H   Abdul-Maalik al-Asma'ee : The Wife of Jahm bin Safwan Said That Allaah Being Above the Throne is 'One Mahdood Upon Another Mahdood'
221H   Al-Qa'nabee The Shaykh of Imaam Muslim: Whoever Does Not Affirm that ar-Rahmaan Ascended Over the Throne is a Jahmee
221H   Hishaam bin Ubaydullaah ar-Raazee : A Man Not Affirming 'Allaah is Above The Throne Separate and Distinct From His Creation' Returned to Prison
221H   Aasim bin Alee, Shaykh of al-Bukhaaree, : I Debated a Jahmee And It Became Clear That He Does Not Believe Their is A Lord Above the Heaven
226H   Sunayd bin Daawood al-Maseesee : Allaah is Above His Throne Separate and Distinct From His Creation
228H   Muhammad bin Mus'ab al-Aabid : I Bear Witness That Allaah is Above the Throne Above the Seventh Heaven, Not as the Heretics Say
236H   Abu Ma'mar al-Qatee'ee al-Haafidh : The End-Result of the Saying of the Jahmiyyah Is That There is No Deity Above the Heaven
237H   Ishaaq bin Raahawaih : Allaah Is Over His Throne Separate and Distinct From His Creation
240H   Qutaybah bin Sa'eed : This Is the Saying of the Imaams of Islaam and the Sunnah: 'We Know Our Lord To Be Above the Seventh Heaven, Above His Throne'
241H   Imaam Ahmad bin Hanbal : Allaah Is Above the Seventh Heaven, Over His Throne, Separate and Distinct From His Creation
264H   Ismaa'eel bin Yahyaa al-Muzanee : Student of Imaam ash-Shaafi'ee: Allaah is Above The Throne, With His Essence , Separate and Distinct From His Creation
297H   Ibn Abee Shaybah : The Jahmites Rejected That Allaah is Above His Throne, Separate and Distinct From His Creation
307H   Zakariyyaa as-Saajee, the Imaam and Muhaddith : Allaah Is Above the Throne, Above His Heaven
386H   Abu Sulayman al-Khattabi : Allaah is Above the Heaven, Ascended Over the Throne
422H   Al-Qadi Abd al-Wahhaab al-Malikee Explains the Aqidah of Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani on al-Uluww Bil-Dhaat
561H   Abdul-Qaadir al-Jeelaanee : 'Allaah is in the Direction of Above and is Ascended Above the Throne'
561H   Abdul-Qaadir al-Jeelaanee : Refutation of the Saalimiyyah Sect Who Claim Allaah is Everywhere And Not Above His Throne Exclusively
561H   Abdul-Qaadir al-Jeelaanee : From the Views of the Jahmiyyah is That Allaah Is Not Above the Throne

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